Eartheria- Throes of Time

Eartheria is a young band from Pori, Finland, their music is a mix of fast and melodic metal, inspired by thrash and modern metal.
The band’s first EP called “Throes of Time” has been released on December 2015 and it’s producted by the band itself.
Eartheria to be a fledgling band demonstrates a musical maturity worthy of a successful band and this EP is the proof.
The EP contains 6 tracks, the sound is clean and they did a great job with the recording and mastering. The listening to each song is addictive, the rhythm part is heavy, guitar solos are executed well and the mutable voice runs from growl to scream.
There is nothing to reproach to this EP, we have to keep an eye on Eartheria because I’m sure we will hear more from this band.

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