Circle II Circle – Seasons Will Fall

Just because Zak Stevens has been, and still is, one of the most talented vocalists on the scene it’s hard to resist any song featuring his voice.  Zak’s exciting come back with Circle II Circle’s latest release entitled “Seasons Will Fall” will definitely attract the wide hard rock/metal fanbase.

“Diamond Blade” is the classic metal song par excellence. Crispy old school guitar riffs dominate the song theme always enriched by the expected fancy energizing licks. The melodic core doesn’t offer special effects or any kind of innovation, but it certainly holds a genuine strength.

“Without A Sound” is a slower track with an extremely simple structure. Nothing here is particularly challenging, but it’s still easy to fall in love with a straight forward rock song.

“Epiphany” makes you think of Savatage’s hit “Edge Of Thorns” immediately. So, obviously, this is a majestic well written tune despite the slight lack of originality. There is everything you could possibly need: the melancholic piano intro, the blasting guitar riffs and the impeccable passion of Zak Stevens’ vocals.

“Dreams That Never Die” is a more complex track that genuinely embraces multiple musical facets. The guitar solos are an excellent example of mature musicianship and talent. Zak’s vocals shift through different ranges and embellish any given musical layer. It’s impossible not to be drawn towards the magnificent choral moment in the style of Savatage’s masterpiece “Chance”.

The title track has a very attractive vintage epic attitude with loads of solid riffing and tight rhythm. The guitar work is simply amazing throughout the song filling the atmosphere with multiple intoxicating technical solos. Each instrument plays a clear part in the creation of a series of highly harmonious and comforting melodies.

“Sweet Despair” is your “must have” romantic rock ballad. Nobody wants to really admit it, but this type of effortless heartbreaking melodies attracts a great number of listeners. Here you can find the super soft acoustic moment and the mid pace exceptional guitar solo. Of course, Zak’s vocals are the true highlight of the song.

Because you all want more, Circle II Circle gladly delivers the piano version “must have” rock ballad entitled “Only Yesterday”. The sad romantic melodies are obviously redundant, but nobody could ever resist Zak’s delightfully flawless delivery.

The fact that “Seasons Will Fall” brings back a wide array of classic metal features will inevitably limit its reception to a specific type of audience. It’s not surprising to find a great deal of Savatage’s influence all over the album. Yet, this is certainly a consistently serious effort with a spotless execution even if it might feel too redundant at times. Regardless of the degree of originality, listening to “Seasons Will Fall” gives you the absolute pleasure to enjoy once again Zak Stevens’ grand vocal performance.


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