Corrosion Of Conformity – Eye For An Eye

If you are a long term fan of Corrosion Of Conformity, you should be familiar with the band’s debut album “Eye For An Eye” originally released in 1984. I have mixed feelings about reissues of old albums as they often bring back the early years lack of maturity or they just don’t fit anymore with the band’s current musical vision. It is immediately noticeable that “Eye For An Eye” is very distant from what Corrosion Of Conformity has been releasing recently. This album includes the EP “Six Songs With Mike Singing”, so you get a total of twenty six songs. These songs are supposed to be remastered but the sound is still extremely rough and dirty. It’s hard to distinguish one song from another as the guitar riffs are repetitive and somehow irrational, but I guess that’s what early crossover hardcore thrash was supposed to be. So, there is a lot of explosive energy, angry vocals, rebellious attitude, lack of musical structure and sloppy sounds that certainly might appeal to a specific crowd while others would get bored quite easily.

“Eye For An Eye” is nothing more than a collector item strictly dedicated to Corrosion Of Conformity’s fanbase.

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