Dark Tranquillity – Zero Distance

Despite the fact that Dark Tranquillity’s music style has been often classified as melodic death metal, it is obvious that the band has successfully developed a very personal musical pathway that tends to cross multiple boundaries rendering any possible categorization quite useless. Even if it’s just an EP, as every other Dark Tranquillity’s release, “Zero Distance” showcases extraordinary musicianship, creative songwriting and amazing dedication.

The title track is an extremely pleasant catchy piece where strong guitar riffs are constantly adorned by loads of keyboards harmonies. The elegant guitar riffing has an immediate impact on the listeners. As always, Mikael Stanne’s vocals never disappoint and are exceptionally addictive on this song. In terms of songwriting style, this track embraces all the essential elements of the latest Dark Tranquillity’s musical evolution but there are also hints of the heavier style typical of the band’s earlier work.

On “Out Of Gravity” keyboards and synths play again a fundamental role bringing additional exquisite melodies. Niklas Sundin chooses an irresistible melodic approach for the lead guitar work while the solo is particularly rich and mature in terms of writing and technique.

“To Where Fires Cannot Feed” maintains a somber melodic theme even if the guitar riffs and the rhythm section display a heavier attitude. The synths continue to add a melodic flow that feels always natural and effortless. The guitar work is tremendously catchy but you should truly pay attention to the several stylistic details embedded in the riffing.

“The Bow And The Arrow” has the same melodic strength displayed on the title track. The powerful guitar riffs and the melancholic keyboards tunes are skillfully entwined to create a harmonious flow that feels very spontaneous. In terms of songwriting, this song fits the music core of “The Mind’s I” era rather than the more recent releases.

“Zero Distance” is the legit consequence of an ongoing musical evolution and a perfect fusion of rational musicianship and impulsive passion. This is definitely a must have for every Dark Tranquillity’s fan out there.

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