Combichrist – This Is Where Death Begins

With the latest full length release entitled “This Is Where Death Begins” Combichrist fearlessly crafts a dark moody ensemble of songs that cross your average musical boundaries. While the band still embraces familiar elements of EBM and industrial that initially gained instant fame, this album showcases a healthy dose of crunchy angry metal core.

“We Are The Plague” kicks in with a catchy angst embodied by coarse vocals and rocking guitar riffs. The memorable chorus that easily calls for headbanging and/or jumping is surrounded by cohesive metal rhythmic blasts and more atmospheric electro layers.

“My Life My Rules” sounds like a rebel teenage riot anthem and is a guitar driven tune that throws in the mix some obvious industrial rhythms to build an easily enjoyable groove. While fancy synthesizers enhance the electro aspect of the song that gets you ready to dance, the guitar solo successfully follows some beloved rules of metal.

“Skullcrasher” could be an easy hit with its catchy combo of angrier guitar riffs full of recognizable bitter metal accents that build a continuous bombastic rhythm cleverly enhanced by vibrant dancey electro vibes.

“Don’t Care How You Feel About It” has a predilection for a fun dance floor electro style with the synths working some synchronized magic to keep the crowd moving in order to reach a certain ephemeral ecstasy. In the midst of a sonic crescendo, Andy LaPlegua’s charismatic vocals seamlessly keep the suspenseful groove going until its own borderline cacophonic closure.

“Blackened Heart” has a dark ambiance soul with hints of goth lingering in the minimalist eerie synth arrangements but the main music core still focuses on heavier guitar riffs and a catchy raucous chorus.

“Pay To Play”, featuring some powerfully raw screams performed by guest vocalist Chris Motionless from Motionless in White, is filled with the right amount of energetic guitar riffs and revolves around a fierce industrial metal rhythmic core that could make you stomp wildly.

“Homeward” delivers a melancholic darkened mood that lingers delicately on nostalgic electronic layers that effortlessly introduce a heavier industrialized groove. The palpable, yet subtle, contrast between the softer melodic stylish phrases and the gritty guitars creates an understated nostalgic soundscape.

“This Is Where Death Begins” is filled with scattered dark apocalyptic visionary vibes but it also offers a variety of entertaining clever hooks and rocker style grooves that will assure to capture even the average listener’s attention.

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