Skuggsjá – A Piece For Mind & Mirror

Ivar Bjørnson from Enslaved and Wardruna’s frontman Einar Selvik collaborated under the name Skuggsjá to compose a musical piece that represents and celebrate the history of Norway. The result of this unique musical experience is collected on an album entitled “A Piece For Mind & Mirror” that draws artistic inspiration from a variety of Norwegian and Scandinavian ancient traditional instruments and poetry in Norse and Norwegian.

“Ull Kjem” portrays a cathartic musical soundscape with the primordial magic of remote harmonies. Traditional instruments, tribal style percussions and emotionally charged diverse vocals introduce a dramatic mysterious musical journey.

“Skuggsjá” is a lengthy track in which the adventurous fusion of modern and ancient music styles becomes rather palpable. Black metal raspy growls and impenetrable layers of heavy guitar riffing are seamlessly intertwined with folkish choirs to create a multifaceted music texture.

“Rop Fra Røynda – Mælt Fra Minne” is an instrumental track that features a mesmerizing ensemble of melodic guitar riffs structured in metal fashion and borderline black metal drum blasts while the folk theme is kept alive by the addition of horns.

“Kvervandi” has a transcending spiritual value where a somber yet peaceful mood is constantly enhanced by heartwarming acoustic passages and fervent choirs.

“Vitkispá” has a dreamy ethereal nature with melancholic acoustic melodies, poetic narrative passages and soulful choirs impeccably combined in an ambitiously harmonious performance.

“A Piece For Mind & Mirror” truly feels like an ancestral tale with a dominant folk style both musically and lyrically and by carefully blending musical elements from the past and the present provides an inner sense of serenity at the very first listening.

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