Sabaton – The Last Stand

Swedish heavy metal act Sabaton delivers a new release entitled “The Last Stand” featuring a bombastic collection of songs crafted in proper power metal fashion with a strong historic warfare lyrical theme.
“Sparta” is definitely a powerful epic opening song with warrior style chants and loads of old fashioned symphonic arrangements. Sabaton keeps on packing crunchy easy guitar riffs to build an energetic rhythm that culminates with a super polished melodic solo.
“Blood Of Bannockburn” has a dynamic melodic nature featuring a classic power metal core with the clever addition of bagpipes and organ for an extra folk punch.
“The Lost Battalion” channels the epic legacy of power metal with battle ready spirited choirs, vigorous vocals and emotional borderline melancholic melodies embellished by symphonic style arrangements.
The title track could have had a more charismatic attitude but the mid paced tempo and the repetitive guitar riffs don’t deliver enough energy. Nevertheless the nice melodic guitar solo and the catchy chorus will entertain the listeners.
“The Last Battle” is a straightforward track that features some classic rock upbeat catchiness filled with simplistic guitar riffs and another old school melodic guitar solo.
“The Last Stand” certainly maintains a cohesive theme in terms of both style and songwriting but fails to deliver a necessary variety or a burst of experimental creativity resulting in a rather monotone collection of songs.

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