Asphyx – Incoming Death

Dutch death-doom metal pioneers Asphyx return with a brand new album entitled “Incoming Death” that promises to deliver the band’s renowned brutal old fashioned heavy signature style strengthened by raw doom twists.

“Division Brandenburg” is a quite dynamic track that offers a powerful blast of monolithic doom guitar riffs layered on a mid paced rhythm filled with a thick dark atmosphere.

“Wardriod” brings an overdose of catchy furious guitar riffs composed in traditional doom fashion. While there are obvious familiar death metal elements in the song’s structure, the progressively breathless moody atmosphere has persistent doom heaviness.

“The Grand Denial” is definitely one of the most interesting tracks in terms of songwriting and style. The beloved solemn gloom of doom metal is extremely dominant in the guitar riffs and further enhanced by melodic mournful lead guitar phrases. A super slow ominous breakdown that holds a sense of impending downfall closes the song with highly melancholic acoustic harmonies.

The title track is filled with fast and crushing heavy guitar riffs that ensure an immediate sonic impact. With the support of a massive drumming, this short and straightforward tune keeps a frenetic rhythm that requires some serious headbanging.

“Forerunners Of The Apocalypse” holds a tumultuous fast rhythm well enhanced by Martin Van Drunen’s signature raspy tormented screams. There is a great focus on the relentless array of tight guitar riffs that still hold a somber doom soul.

“Subterra Incognita” is another heavy doom track that evokes pitchblack darkness with a perfect combo of majestic drumming and super heavy guitar riffs. The ravenous faster paced rhythmic sections are effortlessly balanced by grave guitar melodies and an elegantly gloomy classical piano piece.

With passion and pride “Incoming Death” reconfirms Asphyx’s iconic status in the extreme metal underground scene and delivers a cohesive work of music that will easily please the band’s fanbase.

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