Numenorean – Home

Calgary’s post black metal act Numenorean makes its official debut with the album “Home” which contains five lengthy tracks featuring all the genre’s unmistakably familiar elements.
At the very first listening the melancholic soundscape of the title track evokes iconic Alcest’s early work. Numenorean chooses wisely the quality and quantity of lush somber guitar arpeggios lingering through raw fast paced drumming and adds the desperate vocal/screams in typical post black metal fashion.
“Thirst” conjures a similar bleak atmosphere but the guitars acquire a different distorted energy before going back to full blown emotionally charged arpeggios.
“Laid Down” features a tragic mood with minimalist guitar passages and a sorrowful patina persists even when the rhythm gains a primitive rage. A soft introvert breakdown erases any sign of chaos to bring harmonious guitars that convey a natural sense of peace.
In the end, “Home” showcases some scattered interesting ideas even if
post black metal shoegaze might just sound too trendy for many potential listeners.

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