Grave Digger – Healed By Metal

After 36 years in the metal scene German act Grave Digger fearlessly returns with the latest release triumphantly entitled “Healed By Metal” which is really about that infamous headbanging energy and a glorious metal era that we just can’t forget.

The title track is nothing more than a hymn to the golden age of classic metal. As expected, there are loads of crunchy guitar riffs to keep a solid rhythm going, a lovable melodic guitar solo and a pompous chorus that might just feel a bit redundant.

“When Night Falls” kicks off with the right catchy groove built by a fast paced guitar riffing and the rest of the song manages to keep the headbanging and metal brotherhood themes alive.

“Lawbreaker” features the popular 80s motorcycle & leather combo and, again, there is a generous dose of classic metal riffs leading to a rocking guitar solo executed in proper shredding style.

On “The Ten Commandments Of Metal” Chris Boltendahl screams “stay true” and this summarizes the inner spirit of this fun song, another metal anthem that revolves around traditional super groovy guitar riffs.

“Kill Ritual” has a more somber approach with a heavy combo of bass and drums, crunchy metallic guitar riffs and your must have fancy guitar solo with full blown shreds and killer licks.

Without any stylish surprises or wild musical experiments “Healed By Metal” feels stuck in a nostalgic loop as it stays true to Grave Digger’s classic metal recipe that might please almost exclusively their devoted long standing fans.

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