Crippled Black Phoenix – Bronze

International dark rock collective Crippled Black Phoenix comes back with a new full length of rare musical intensity entitled “Bronze”. Besides the fascinating mixture of post rock/ shoegaze melancholic atmosphere, “Bronze” features an intriguing creative force characterized by kaleidoscopic musical influences and experimental sounds.

“Deviant Burials” delivers a mesmerizing ensemble of heavy vintage electric guitar riffing that holds a post apocalyptic energy in the midst of hypnotic atmospheric layers while Daniel Änghede performs inspiring harmonious vocals accompanied by wistful gloomy guitar melodies.

“No Fun” features a dynamic guitar driven groove with background layers of subtle psychedelic accents. Vocals keep a laid back softer delivery while catchy guitars create a solid wall of distorted sound throughout the song.

“Champions Of Disturbance (Pt 1 & 2)” is an impressively complex track that effortlessly combines multiple musical facets ranging from Pink Floyd inspired cinematic trippy atmospheres to retro psychedelic rock vibes. Keeping a general gloomy mood, initially guitar riffs build up a feverish sonic crescendo and then manage to create a healthy catchy groove full of acidic antics.

“Scared And Alone” showcases a tragic theatrical mood delightfully enhanced by Belinda Kordic’s poignant performance and entwined dreamy guitar and piano melodies. Tempo is significantly slowed down and guitars focus on subtle melodies while solemn haunting trumpets add dramatic depth.

“We Are The Darkeners” delivers memorable languid guitar melodies, soothing yet somber vocals and a heavily dark, almost with gothic nuances, atmosphere. The overall slower rhythm is strengthened by solid bass lines and quite catchy guitar riffs that always have an exquisitely retro flavor.

“Bronze” must be fully enjoyed and slowly savored at each listening, rather than over analyzed, because it is an absolutely compelling piece of music that shines for its dark eclectic nature and talented musicianship.

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