DOOL – Here Now, There Then

Dutch dark rock band DOOL is ready to debut in the music scene with the highly anticipated album “Here Now, There Then”. Featuring bassist Job van de Zande and drummer Micha Haring from renowned band Devil’s Blood and singer Ryanne van Dorst, DOOL presents a unique catchy collection of darkened songs surrounded by a fascinating hypnotic aura that deserves to be fully embraced.

“Vantablack” opens the album with a decadent mystical atmosphere featuring majestic slow guitar passages and an intriguing solo with remarkable doom/gothic accents. Ryanne van Dorst unleashes true rocker style vocals that immediately claim the spotlight as dreamy or nightmarish melodies continue to naturally unfold.

“Golden Serpents” stands out for the exquisite vintage attitude and compelling psychedelic elements. The guitars have a dominant role creating plenty of catchy melodies infused with arcane vibes that eventually lead to a simply addictive chorus.

“In Her Darkest Hour” feels like a creepy fairytale where ghastly nameless creatures lurk in the dark. Again, guitars have a major presence concocting elegant gothic rock melodies and Ryanne’s emotive vocal performance channels additional darkened mysterious vibes.

“Oweynagat” feels like a mantra burning in your mind with a rocking catchy chorus that ignites the gloomy atmosphere while every guitar riff and every melody are deeply soaked in a lascivious darkness. Ryanne’s voice cuts sharply through the dense melodic core and stylish melancholic violins enhance the moody darkened themes.

“She-Goat” delivers exquisitely sinister obsessive cycles of melodies that will inevitably get stuck in your mind. Ryanne’s vocals evoke a decadent rock style while a guitar driven rhythmic crescendo adds dynamic intensity.

DOOL proves to be a charismatic new band and “Here Now, There Then”, featuring  spellbinding songwriting that fearlessly and fiercely crosses all standard musical boundaries, will certainly conquer those attracted to all things dark and, obviously, all those who wander.

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