Saturn – Beyond Spectra

As the retro rock/metal trend continues to gain fans worldwide, Swedish rockers Saturn are ready to release their sophomore album “Beyond Spectra” packed with the band’s own blend of groovy riffs with an incredibly honest vintage sound.

“Orbital Command” holds a melancholic soul filled of warm passionate melodies but you should crank up the volume to fully enjoy the crispy energy of the guitar riffs and the wild charismatic solo.

“Nighttime Badger” feels darkened and moody with dominant super retro guitar riffs, trippy psychedelic accents and an overall irresistible warm nostalgic sound.

“Electrosaurus Sex” is a surreal fun track that could have been recorded in the 70s and all instruments work together to create a retro infused groove.

“Still Young” might deliver the catchiest groove with relentless guitar riffing, compelling melodic leads, rocking vocals and simple good vibes that do not need particular special effects to become memorable.

“Helmet Man” features a decadent space rock groove that relies heavily on memorable blistering guitar leads shifting from catchy melodic to borderline somber doom.

“Beyond Spectra” will be a delightful discovery for lovers of vintage music as Saturn has put a lot of serious effort to successfully concoct a cosmic nostalgic music trip with the right analog tones and a genuine passion for 70s rock/metal.

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