Dodecahedron – Kwintessens

Dutch black metal band Dodecahedron returns with the newest enigmatic work of music philosophically entitled “Kwintessens”, a blistering soundtrack for those inevitably attracted to alienating darkness.

“TETRAHEDRON – The Culling Of The Unwanted From The Earth” focuses on horrific fury constantly amplified by intense enraging growls and dissonant instrumental passages. Through the thick bleak soundscape occasional atmospheric darkened melodies emerge through the vigorous wall of raw guitar riffs.

“HEXAHEDRON – Tilling The Human Soil” is all about fierce blackened wrath with impenetrable guitar riffs and chaotic rhythms but a frail light seems to appear through ambiguous harmonies.

“DODECAHEDRON – An Ill-Defined Air Of Otherness” delivers nightmarish textures with cold desolate guitar melodies and absolutely desperate growls/screams as feelings of utter hopelessness and decay dominate the atmospheric arrangements.

“ICOSAHEDRON – The Death Of Your Body” blends raw black metal roots and avant-garde dissonance in the creation of an inescapable obscure chaos surrounded by an insane crescendo of primordial guitar riffing and perennial mystifying atmospheres.

Dodecahedron proudly and fearlessly decides to craft an overwhelming asphyxiating collection of songs with rather unique titles and “Kwintessens” offers complex dramatic nuances that at times might sound repetitive or uneasy to the average listeners.

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