Danzig – Black Laden Crown

After the covers album “Skeletons” triggered mixed feelings back in 2015, the inimitable Danzig returns with the long awaited new album of original songs “Black Laden Crown”. While the album often manages to celebrate Danzig’s blackest signature style the recurring uneven flawed production is totally unexpected.

The title track features slow burning guitar riffs infused with pitch black catchiness, a darkly melodic guitar solo and a steady gothic/doom crescendo that favors Danzig’s soulful blackened vocal performance.

“Devil On Hwy 9” is full of gritty and occasionally rather wild guitar work that ensures a consistent raw groove matched by Glenn’s harsh vocals.

“Last Ride” has an intensely darkened bluesy attitude enhanced by retro atmospheric vibes and Tommy Victor provides highly enjoyable melodic moody guitar solos.

“But A Nightmare” successfully channels an overload of darkened vibes with slow & heavy guitar riffs that build utterly catchy grooves while Glenn sounds in excellent shape with haunting vocals.

On “Pull The Sun” Glenn delivers a soothing gothic style performance channeling also Elvis Presley over slower nightmarish melodies while Tommy’s fervent guitar solos gain the spotlight.

It cannot be denied that “Black Laden Crown” carries the exquisite absolute darkness that became a crucial element of Danzig’s music style nevertheless we will never know what went wrong in the studio as the evident production and mix issues unfortunately tend to plague the entire album ultimately spoiling the listening experience.

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