He Is Legend – Few

Following a very successful crowdfunding campaign, American rock band He Is Legend retreated to a remote cabin in isolation to find renewed energy and inspiration to craft the fifth full length album “Few”.

“Air Raid” would have sounded stronger without pushing the radio friendly effect, nevertheless He Is Legend skillfully balance groovy trends and heavier old school vibes with structured breakdowns and captivating melodic guitar solo.

“Sand” draws its heavier strength from 90s influences but also features clean modern sonic dynamics that always contribute to build a catchy chorus.

“Silent Gold” feels more mature and spontaneous in terms of songwriting. While rocker style vocals deliver catchy choruses the guitar work provides the right dosage of melancholic melodies as well as healthy heavier riffing.

“Jordan” has a sludgy darker soul with excellent fierce and harsh vocal delivery well supported by a series of particularly crunchy guitar riffs.

“Gold Dust” features a classic rock structure with well executed crispy clean guitar melodies and relaxed vibes but also plenty of guitar driven catchy energetic grooves.

“The Vampyre” stands out for the darkened mood and the guitar work offers more diversity with compelling melodies and powerful riffs.

“The Garden” greatly amplifies the previous darkened mood with the addition of occasional atmospheric accents and more creative solos as guitar riffs drastically slow down in proper vintage doom fashion.

“Few” mostly feels naturally cohesive and well structured, while aiming for a big modern sound and a big crowd He Is Legend seems to deliver some strong, yet not extraordinarily impressive, stylish ideas that follow a clear music pathway.

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