Avatarium – Hurricanes And Halos

Founded by Leif Edling of Candlemass, Swedish band Avatarium crafts an intriguing blend of doom and retro rock mood in the latest effort “Hurricanes And Halos”.

“Into The Fire – Into The Storm” is a winning opener with loads of thick guitar riffs channeling charismatic energy that amplifies the subtle doom elements while the retro style becomes particularly dominant with the kaleidoscopic organ solo.

“The Starless Sleep” is one of the most compelling tracks of the album with a darkened inner soul but also plenty of enjoyable catchy melodies that channel an irresistible 60’s mood. Vocalist Jennie-Ann delivers an impressive passionate performance and the stylish melodic rock guitar work matches the ensemble of somber emotions.

“The Sky At The Bottom Of The Sea” certainly has a poetic mood embedded in the melodies and the powerful vocals. Avatarium delivers an explosive series of guitar riffs that showcases echoes of traditional doom while the retro sound especially palpable in the lovely guitar solos captures a deep sense of nostalgic rock roots.

“A Kiss (From The End Of The World)” starts with an intro of melancholic arpeggios and evolves into a doom somber tune with intense guitar driven grooves while Jennie-Ann confidently demonstrates her vocal prowess with dramatic yet soothing delivery. The highlight of this track is definitely the mystifying slow melodic breakdown with stunning spacey guitars characterized by immense retro psychedelic force.

Overall, Avatarium deserves a big audience as “Hurricanes And Halos” is an exciting cohesive album that stands out for the accessible yet eclectic melodic core and the exquisite vintage style.

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