Tengger Cavalry – Die On My Ride

Nomadic folk metal band Tengger Cavalry is ready to explore further exotic music territories with the new album “Die On My Ride”.

The title track emphasizes immediately the importance of traditional instrumentation to achieve a distinct range of sounds. While there are some familiar metal oriented grooves and elegant mellow melodies, the ancient Mongolian tradition of ‘throat singing’ feels very creative.

“Independence Day” features raw crunchy guitar driven grooves mixed with eclectic instrumental passages that channel a palpable folk spiritual aura and deliver bright soothing melodies.

“To The Sky” feels extremely spontaneous, stripped of any redundant special effect it revolves around minimalist yet stylish melodies shifting effortlessly from acoustic to groovy rock segments.

“Cursed” confidently amplifies the folk metal approach with heavier guitar riffs but traditional instruments continue to add more intriguing magical vibes.

“The Choice Of My Mind” evokes intense feelings of tranquility and melancholy with minimalist arpeggios and ethereal melodic tapestries.

“Me Against Me” skillfully blends thick acidic rock vibes and tasteful folk guitar melodies that evoke visions of pristine landscapes.

Tengger Cavalry’s music style is certainly far from average categories and the traditional Mongolian folk that plays a major role on “Die On My Ride” renders the whole album a rather bizarre and unique music experience.

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