Sun Of The Sleepless – To The Elements

Many know and appreciate the work of German talented musician Schwadorf in The Vision Bleak and Empyrium. With his solo project Sun Of The Sleepless Schwadorf is ready to introduce the audience to a new music adventure with the full length “To The Elements”, a captivating atmospheric and poetic black metal opus.

“Motions” can be crushing and pitiless with the monolithic dynamics of somber fast riffing & drumming yet preserves a darkened natural beauty and a taste for winter within bleak atmospheric soundscapes

“Where In My Childhood Lived a Witch” might be the most intriguing track with its bloody gothic soul, a particularly enjoyable overdose of fluid melodic guitars and a certain overwhelming darkness that feels like a trustworthy companion through this musical journey.

“In The Realm Of The Bark” can be harsh and destructive with breathless rhythms and full blown tremolo reminiscent of primordial black metal. If the darkness feels utterly monochromatic the multidimensional atmospheric/melodic arrangements break a dark spell but there is no easy escape from the fierce blackened cold.

Profound melancholy and obscurity take over “Phoenix Rise” with freezing rhythmic blasts yet this track also focuses on exquisite melodic layers that carry a rich gothic tinged nostalgia as poignant soft acoustic harmonies arise with austere sincerity.

On “To The Elements” the cold poetry and harmonies are rather evident as Schwadorf diligently crafts a dramatic and fragile sonic equilibrium that must be preserved and savored.

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