Shade Empire – Poetry Of The Ill-Minded

Crafting extreme metal since 1999, Finnish band Shade Empire is ready to release the new multilayered work of music intriguingly entitled “Poetry Of The Ill-Minded”.

“Lecter (Welcome)” begins with somber atmospheric vibes followed by an intense heavier guitars & drums combo that continues to gain speed and energy through a vicious rhythmic crescendo while sumptuous classical inspired arrangements provide dazzling melodies.

On “Wanderer” epic symphonic layers surround a series of tight guitar riffs resulting in a rather catchy ensemble while the addition of flamboyant trumpets brings an experimental edge.

On “Anti-Life Saviour” the band masters the Nordic overwhelming melancholy and the associated desolation as dramatic layered symphonic orchestrations embrace elegant guitar melodies. Despite the fierce vocals there might not be a lot of space for the usual sheer brutality here as the lavish intricate melodic nature of this track and the intense poetic spirals gain the deserved spotlight.

On “Treasure (In Liquid Dreams Of Mirror Universe)” the rich theatrical vibes are further enhanced as guitars and trumpets join forces to create loads of fascinating cathartic melodies and emotions.

The desire to create brutal guitar driven assaults is still very much alive but on “Poetry Of The Ill-Minded” Shade Empire makes the difference with a powerful complex composition that often focuses mainly on harmonious and multifaceted arrangements.

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