Soror Dolorosa – Apollo

Fronted by talented photographer/artist Andy Julia, Soror Dolorosa worked four years to deliver the latest dystopian opus “Apollo”. With a dark soul and a nostalgic aura “Apollo” blends a visionary mixture of music influences focusing on a memorable melodic composition.

The title track features minimalist melodic tapestries with fragile guitars and an emotive dramatic mood yet holds great ardor particularly palpable in the passionate vocal delivery and goth rock rhythmic backbone.

“That Run” offers melancholic ambient atmospheres with soft catchy retro pop oriented arrangements that channel an introspective palette of bittersweet emotions.

“Everyway” amplifies the dark wave vibes as electrifying guitar melodies and vibrant bass lines grow stronger in a crescendo of distorted somber rhythmic textures.

“Night Is Our Hollow” feels particularly sorrowful with ethereal atmospheres and exquisite post-rock nuances that convey a taste for dark romanticism.

“Breezed & Blue” opens with tranquil minimalist yet charismatic bass and guitar ensemble that gradually acquires a wilder darkened energy while intense vocals depict a fervent emotional soundscape.

“The End” has a groovy dark rhythm that would favor a goth dance party under the moonlight but moody guitars also continue to craft impeccably melancholic melodies.

“Epilogue” closes the album with enchanting atmospheric quality as elegant kaleidoscopic arrangements and distant soulful vocals convey the end of a journey with a profound nostalgia.

Certainly “Apollo” draws inspiration from the retro goth/dark scene and cold wave but Soror Dolorosa has definitely achieved a unique music pathway that reaches its artistic acme on this alluring album.

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