Dark Tone Company – Light to the flies

The Finnish Dark Tone Company debuted on the metal scene with its first full-length “Light to the flies” some weeks ago.

The first track “Jigsaw” introduce pretty well the band’s music style; technical, fast, melodic, strong contrast between growl and clean voice, stunning guitar solo and catchy refrain.

“Into The Grey” is the most theatrical song, it takes heart and soul, this is one of the best from this album.
We have to mention also “Mannequins” which has a sound a little bit different somehow from the other ones.

There’s also a special guest in this album; Björn “Speed” Strid form Soilwork, he has given a contribution on “Bless The Arsonist”, it’s amazing how the voices intertwine in perfect armony.
Drums are on fire with “Saints In Disgrace” then a devil voice starts telling a ‘story’,the refrain is softer and the guitar solo is really sophisticated.

We like this album because it combines excellent rhythmic changes with great instrumental parts, catchy refrain and groove.
This is a really good debut for DTC, in this album they show their potential and the inspiration, we have to keep an open eye on this band.

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