Jess And The Ancient Ones – The Horse And Other Weird Tales

Finnish psychedelic rockers Jess And The Ancient Ones deserve to be recognized worldwide as an exceptionally intriguing band in fact on the newest album “The Horse And Other Weird Tales” they fully embrace a unique musical identity & creative force that will inevitably surprise the listeners.

Opening the expected magical portal “Death Is The Doors” takes you back in time with slow burning guitar melodies that suddenly become exquisitely vibrant as longing for refined psychedelic energy the soft rhythm acquires a bolder groove accompanied by Jess’s impressive vocal abilities.

“Your Exploding Heads” offers a quite entertaining groove with a generous dosage of thick bass lines, melodic guitars and an extremely catchy chorus while Jess’s warm vocal delivery leads you through an unrestrained trippy journey back to the ‘60s.

“(Here Comes) The Rainbow Mouth” follows a remarkable melodic fluidity provided by a winning combo of flamboyant organ layers and spacey guitar tonalities while vocalist Jess moves sinuously like an ethereal enchantress through the intricate web of bewitching rock grooves.

With an altered state of mind “Minotaure” can become particularly obscure with spiritual emphasis yet the colorful moody guitars & organ grooves stand out for the impeccable retro flavors and often hold the lightheartedness of youth and wild outdoor festivals.

“Anyway The Minds Flow” shines for the great psychedelic instrumental variety as things are easily getting spacey and rather surreal with detailed vintage melodies & arrangements that feel just like unconsciously riding a cosmic wheel (or a horse) and, once again, Jess delivers a charismatic heartfelt vocal performance.

“The Horse And Other Weird Tales” is often filled with rare sincerity and profound passion plus it seems simply impossible to resist the alluring quality of the band’s charismatic vintage sound. Do not miss the opportunity to enter the magical sonic realm of Jess And The Ancient Ones!

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