Cavalera Conspiracy – Psychosis

After the worldwide touring success performing Sepultura’s iconic opus “Roots” Max and Iggor Cavalera, joined by talented guitarist Marc Rizzo, decided to record Cavalera Conspiracy’s new album “Psychosis” which is definitely inspired by their past work in Sepultura but features also a rather entertaining industrial twist.

“Insane” marks an absolutely fierce beginning that sees the band in excellent shape as precise punishing drums and infectious guitar riffs craft a thrash oriented wall of sound while sharp guitar melodies & solo add nightmarish vibes through the claustrophobic rhythmic blasts.

“Terror Tactics” doesn’t take a break as groovy old school thrash rhythmic dynamics trigger subtle nostalgic vibes. Max screams with renewed passion through the deadly marching patterns while chaotic atmospheric accents lead to a tribal riffing style and intriguing guitar work.

On “Spectral War” Iggor’s drumming keeps alive a certain tribal force and while the main rhythmic section maintains a quite heavy attitude there are few interesting industrial influences that generate modern atmospheric tonalities and enigmatic vibes.

Feeling violently dizzy “Judas Pariah” has a traditional death metal essence that requires relentless rhythms, monolithic guitar riffing and vicious growls that follow an almost breakneck speed with immense fury that suddenly yet seamlessly evolves into a more atmospheric somber sonic assault with remarkable haunting nuances.

Despite its chaotic noisy end “Excruciating” initially feels almost comfortable with an overdose of fiery distortion and crushing rhythms meant to generate intensely irrational moshpits and in the midst of this monumental groove Marc delivers a cathartic moody guitar solo that matches the mystical atmospheric background.

Listening to the massive energy behind “Psychosis” you will notice that the Cavalera brothers truly made efforts to deliver music diversity on this album fairly channeling the glorious early years of Sepultura as well as some modern underground metal flavors.

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