Dark Embrace – The Call Of The Wolves

Spanish dark metal band Dark Embrace aims to conquer a solid spot in the metal scene with the newest effort “The Call Of The Wolves” which features the renowned talent of Snowy Shaw behind the drum kit.

The album opener “Memories” introduces the listeners to a dark sonic realm fueled by solemn atmospheric arrangements with remarkable hints of melancholia and loads of melodic guitars work nicely entwined with sharper classic metal riffage.

“Time Will Tell” becomes heavier with a frenetic combo of drum blasts and guitar riffs while vocals efficiently shift from darkened growls to theatrical clean delivery while keyboards provide additional dramatic melodic textures.

The title track maintains a profound dark essence with gloomy keyboards layers and intense growls marching through an ensemble of tight guitar riffs and somber melodies.

“Let The Blind To See” amplifies the gothic metal nuances with darkly emotive keyboards but also channels an understated sense of grandeur with a particularly fervent vocal delivery while the whole instrumentation keeps a fierce rhythmic backbone.

The eponymous track “Dark Embrace” doesn’t deviate from the dark metal approach but actually enhances it focusing on gothic style guitar melodies yet always provides a fair dosage of heavier & faster grooves.

“The Call Of The Wolves” clearly draws inspiration from decades of gothic metal and there is an absolute love for all things dark as well as subtle epic vibes that could gain a wider audience for Dark Embrace.


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