Anguis Dei – Ad Portas Serpentium

Self-proclaimed True Satanik Black Metal secretive collective Anguis Dei are ready to unleash the spine chilling debut EP “Ad Portas Serpentium” and already the title gives you an idea of the absolutely arcane vibes that linger throughout this demonic opus which will be followed by the band’s first full length.

“Maythorns Over Uroboros” opens the gates of hell with triumphant orchestral glory swiftly followed by inhuman screams and all kinds of blackened flavors borrowing a familiar primordial black metal formula with breakneck speed and crunchy guitar riffing but always enriched by baroque arrangements and creepy atmospheres.

“Angela Krudeliis Ambitiosa Nokturniis” relentlessly follows a similar damned pathway with vampiresque atmospheres and unrestrained guitars shifting from traditional blackened riffing to diabolically refined melodies surrounded by ominous horrific growls & screams and generous symphonic layers leading to a grotesque theatrical breakdown.

“The Lionel” is another hymn to darkness and irrational untamed black metal force with brutal drumming and painfully fast rhythmic guitars that simply support the omnipresent devilish gutturals and the occasional dramatic clean vocals surrounded by the dark orchestral incantations.

If you’re in the mood for flamboyant sinister black metal and are willing to enter this perilous Black Magick realm then you should feel comfortable with the overwhelming obscurity of “Ad Portas Serpentium”.

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