Panzer – Fatal Command

Featuring Destruction’s bassist & vocalist Schmier, ex-Accept Stefan Schwarzmann on drums, V.O Pulver of Poltergeist & G.U.R.D on guitar and newly recruited lead guitarist Pontus Norgren of Hammerfall, Panzer makes a clear bold music statement and vows to stay true to heavy metal on the sophomore release “Fatal Command”.

As soon as “Satan’s Hollow” begins with a vicious guitar riffing galore and fancy melodic leads you know what to expect from these unstoppable metal veterans. Straight to the point, the band keeps a plummeting bass & drums combo while guitars and vocals never fail to sound fierce yet certainly catchy and a sweet classic metal shredding guitar solo fits the explosive mood.

The title track is another ‘80s style heavy metal anthem so it stays true to a recognizable music formula as galloping sharp guitars get you ready to headbang and of course the massive chorus and the skilled guitar solos are a nice addition.

Besides delivering a big catchy chorus “We Can Not Be Silenced” keeps alive a true metal essence and a rebel attitude with a constant guitar driven groove and absolutely audacious vocals while the lead guitar harmonious momentum brings some charismatic diversity.

“I’ll Bring You The Night” is filled with classic heavy metal dynamics as familiar chunky riffs keep a tight rhythm always spiced up by highly entertaining flamboyant lead guitar work that adds a melodic approach and a necessary sparkling variety.

“Skullbreaker” has an unmistakable vintage heavy metal structure as loads of classic guitar riffs build thick rhythmic sections and melodic leads channel a darker mood further enhanced by venomous vocals.

“The Decline (And The Downfall)” doesn’t really deviate from the whole true heavy metal approach but tends to focus on somber guitar melodies that obviously culminate with majestic polished solos delivering additional solemn depth but you still get some cohesive thrash oriented rhythmic patterns.

Call it a supergroup or a side project nevertheless there is no space for posers on “Fatal Command” as Panzer passionately pays homage to NWOBHM and thrash putting in the mix the best elements of an unforgettable golden era that we all learned to love.

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