The Howling Void – The Darkness At The Edge Of Dawn

Ryan Wilson’s The Howling Void has composed the elegantly gloomy sixth album “The Darkness At The Edge Of Dawn” delivering slow paced darkened nuances and contemplative atmospheres.

With a grim yet peaceful state of mind “Distant Shores” pays homage to decades of dark/doom metal with solemn atmospheric vibes and minimalist at times ethereal melodic passages vividly depicting desolate soundscapes but guitars can also acquire heavier dynamics.

The title track is filled with crestfallen melodic patterns where obviously guitars and keyboards arrangements hold a dominant role diligently weaving soulful harmonies through immense melancholic atmospheres yet this song features additional lovely sonic variations such as the tasteful jazzy twist of sweeping guitars in the cathartic breakdown.

Inspired by familiar doom dynamics “Silence And The Setting Sun” stands out for the intricate guitar work capable of delivering mellow introvert melodic moments as well as some traditional doom oriented riffage constantly surrounded by bleak atmospheric layers and occasional whispered vocals evoking a wintry feeling that you just cannot dismiss.

It is certainly impressive that all instruments and vocals are performed solely by Ryan Wilson and his haunting songwriting feels absolutely genuine on “The Darkness At The Edge Of Dawn” which will appeal to lovers of doom and profound melancholy.

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