Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

As a classic rock revival is taking over the world the high voltage rock style of Nashville’s young talent Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, who shared the stage with amazing rock giants, seems to match this particular mood with the exciting self-titled album.

“Heartland” can certainly channel authentic gritty rock energy resulting in an absolutely addictive rhythm filled of steady classic rock guitar riffs & melodies and let’s not forget the empowering role of the true rocker style vocals.

“Don’t Mind The Blood” relies on an overdose of guitar driven rock grooves that inevitably build super catchy rhythmic vibes and as expected Tyler’s wildly entertaining vocal performance makes everything more interesting.

If you are in the mood for bluesy guitars and mellow melodies you will appreciate “Ramblin’ Bones” as this song has a charming retro quality as well as powerfully soulful vocals.

You cannot avoid falling in love with the inflamed rock/blues essence of “Easy Target” which is filled with hummable melodies and absolutely groovy guitar work.

“Aftershock” will rightfully become a hit with its inner melodic emotions yet guitars can always deliver a familiar dirty rock mood skillfully embedded in the engaging grooves and the explosive guitar solo.

On “Into The Black” the whole instrumentation acquires a moody melancholy overload that favors lovable mellow guitar progressions and enhances Tyler’s heartfelt vocal delivery but it should not be classified as your average love song.

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown put a lot of healthy rock ‘n roll energy and undeniable true passion for music on this album which does have a big stadium rock sound but is also meant to simply reach the hearts of the listeners.

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