Bleeding Gods – Dodekathlon

Young Dutch metallers Bleeding Gods are eager to unleash their latest epic death/black metal opus “Dodekathlon” conceptually based on the Greek myth of the twelve labors of Hercules.

On the album opener “Bloodguilt” the band focuses on delivering a high impact sonic assault with mandatory tight guitar riffing and savage instrumental passages yet the addition of symphonic arrangements certainly evoke a mythological realm matching the lyrical concept.

“Beloved By Artemis” is heavily influenced by the darkest depths of metal as the rhythmic patterns gain a distinct brutality following a faster aggressive tempo that will eventually give way to a symphonic approach with a large dosage of opulent atmospheric layers leading to a polished melodic guitar shredding solo.

“From Feast To Beast” begins with eerie atmospheres that slowly introduce heavier rhythmic blasts that will keep a rather frenetic & aggressive groove surrounded by plenty of symphonic haunting orchestrations while lead guitars tend to focus on luminous melodic concoctions.

The initial mix of somber guitar melodies and sumptuous atmospheric arrangements on “Inhuman Humiliation” foreshadows a moody composition that is constantly embellished by sinister accents and soon evolves into a gravely blackened rhythmic ensemble but darkly graceful melodies continue to have a major role.

“Birds Of Hate” surprises with a precise unrestrained groove characterized by clear thrash dynamics with a rather fast rhythmic backbone that seems almost unstoppable and insanely angered just like the particularly strong growls until symphonic elements appear in the mix.

“Tyrannical Blood” puts aside the album’s blackened death metal essence to deliver mainly a soothing acoustic composition where ethereal arrangements evoke melancholic soundscapes while enchanting guitars offer warm melodic tonalities and elegant harmonies.

“Hera’s Orchard” focuses on refined darkened melodies surrounded by majestic atmospheric layers that will continue to ensure an epic mood and guitars will often steal the spotlight creating extra melodic textures through cohesive blackened rhythmic patterns and ominous growls.

With a renewed lineup and a strong desire to reach a wider audience Bleeding Gods definitely worked hard to craft the twelve tracks on “Dodekathlon” which shows great potential successfully blending fierce extreme metal roots and absolutely accessible melodic tonalities.

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