Tribulation – Down Below

Swedish quartet Tribulation is quickly becoming one of the most intriguing acts in the current metal scene following an unstoppable dark sonic evolution that ultimately and naturally leads to the ghastly shadows and the gothic finesse of the new album “Down Below” which at this point might be labeled as the band’s magnum opus.

Rightfully released as first single “The Lament” could not contain a higher dosage of pure melancholia starting with minimalist moody guitar phrases swiftly followed by an irresistible darkened rock groove where the whole instrumentation acquires wistful vintage tonalities while passionately diabolical growls certainly channel traditional blackened nuances.

On “Subterranea” eerie atmospheres and classical piano melodies foreshadow the advent of wicked rhythmic dynamics fueled by blackened & gothic rock influences and surrounded by palpable mysterious gloom as impossibly catchy guitars skillfully craft powerful melodic grooves that definitely hold a vintage rock essence but undoubtedly belong to an occult sonic realm populated by creepy unnamable figures in black.

On “Cries From The Underworld” you can fully appreciate some dominant retro rock textures mixed to classic horror themes that render this track quite accessible as guitars favor melodic aesthetics with refined attitude or a more flamboyant groove while the inner immense creepiness remains a constant element as darkness descends with ruthless honesty through recurring atmospheric layers.

“Lacrimosa” ensures a more aggressive fiercely blackened sonic approach as guitars acquire steady heavier dynamics but also concoct a particularly elegant melodic hymn to decadence with a dreadfully charismatic composition that offers an ensemble of deliciously kaleidoscopic harmonies further enhanced by mystical chants & complex baroque atmospheres.

As if vampyres were dancing under the blood moon “The World” drags the listeners through a perilous spellbinding gothic realm where, once again, guitars lead the show providing hypnotizing retro goth grooves and seductive melodic tapestries always enriched by the blackened grimness of vicious growls.

Right from the beginning “Here Be Dragons” feels like a grim fairytale as it is filled with an artsy mixture of gothic decadence and vintage rock flavors that will remain entwined through a whirlwind of dramatic instrumental passages where a mournful cathartic darkness pervades the super groovy quintessence of eclectic guitars constantly embellished by an exquisite ensemble of classical strings and obscurely elaborate synths resulting in a sumptuously ravishing piece of music.

Listening to “Down Below” you will notice how any attempt to overanalyze and force genre categorization becomes simply futile as like avant-garde meticulous alchemists Tribulation developed an exciting music formula made of dark magic and thrilling grooves perennially full of arcane splendor and ultimately meant to be utterly addictive.

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