Fu Manchu – Clone Of The Universe

Southern California’s desert/fuzz/stoner rock legends Fu Manchu are back with the exciting 12th full length “Clone Of The Universe” which promises to deliver a trippy collection of songs as the band is ready to jam in desert rock fashion but doesn’t refrain from offering heavier & highly psychedelic grooves.

“(I’ve been) Hexed” immediately channels the most groovy aspects of stoner rock pushing relentlessly on that fuzz pedal to create irresistible guitar riffs and utterly hypnotizing leads while the whole instrumentation & vocals become intensely catchy in the chorus.

“Slower Than Light” favors a spacey melodic instrumental ensemble as guitars acquire lavish spellbinding tonalities favored by a temporarily slower rhythm enhancing the delicious trippy vibes that will eventually gain a heavier attitude amplified by super thick bass lines to reach maximum groovy galore.

“Nowhere Left To Hide” feels heavier than usual with doom drenched guitar riffing and captivating rhythmic variations that always ensure a groovy intensity but also features a slower full blown spaced out momentum filled of shimmering psychedelic vibes and acidic tonalities as desert rock legacy dictates.

The title track is properly packed with highly entertaining guitar driven grooves as riffs and drums bear the mark of classic stoner rock with vintage tonalities and stomping thrill and the immense fuzz power of vibrant rhythmic guitars leads to consequent flamboyant leads that cannot be ignored.

If you haven’t spaced out enough yet, the massive fuzzy music journey embodied by “Il Mostro Atomico” will certainly get your psychedelic fix. Featuring guitar legend Alex Lifeson from Rush, this 18 minutes track could not sound more otherworldly trippy as the band is constantly engaged in a spontaneous stoner rock jam that flows just like a fuzzy warped dream showcasing enticing rhythmic variety and eclectic guitar work. As guitars craft all kinds of sensational riffs with familiar stoner/doom flavors the rhythm effortlessly transitions from bewitching melodic concoctions to familiar catchy rock textures resulting in a rather epic composition that, despite the exceptional length, always grabs the listeners’ attention also due to the addition of quite fancy guitar & drums solos and a loop of surreal psychedelic moments channeling a ‘middle of the desert jam’ experience.

While Fu Manchu doesn’t let down the expectations of their faithful acolytes keeping intact the glorious ‘fuzz & wah’ essence, “Clone Of The Universe” also expands the band’s renowned music style with an additional overdose of trippy & heavy dynamics resulting in a quite unique and absolutely entertaining album.

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