Knife The Glitter – Knife The Glitter

Featuring Kevin Antreassian of The Dillinger Escape Plan, New Jersey based instrumental progressive metal band Knife The Glitter spent eight years working on the debut self-titled album which sadly also marks the final chapter of this extravagant music endeavor.

“Idiot City” begins with mysterious atmospheres that soon evolve into pure sonic experimentation that will showcase certain familiar characteristics of prog metal such as sound clarity and a flamboyant instrumental maze with occasional luminous melodic passages emerging through syncopated rhythms and technical guitar work.

With a deliberate complex composition “Gargle Clamp” mixes bold rhythmic patterns with thrilling guitar progressions that shift from surreal bright melodic concoctions to steady rock riffing heavily influenced by prog metal and jazz.

“Highly Electric Squirrel” might be one of the most creative song titles and definitely matched by the intense creative force that generates what appears to be a whirlwind of chaotic segments but truly is an example of exciting musicianship leading to eclectic grooves, frenetic heavy riffing and absolutely entertaining  guitar leads carrying pleasant jazzy vibes.

“Permanent Baby Snowpants” relies on a slick syncopated structure with synths channeling ‘80s rock flavors but still maintains a proper prog metal essence with virtuoso guitar work and interesting rhythmic variations.

Things get simply hyper chaotic on “The Snake Charmer’s Anthem” as the whole instrumentation spontaneously experiments with diverse, at times ethereal, tonalities and styles following borderline dissonant dynamics while keeping a more aggressive heavy metal approach.

Undoubtedly Knife The Glitter aims to compose a visceral intricate album pushing genre boundaries as a hobby and in the chaotic sonic webs you can certainly perceive the lucidity and the talented musicianship of this charismatic band.

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