Ministry – AmeriKKKant

The return of industrial pioneers Ministry could not be more explosive as with a revamped line up and intense creative force the new album “AmeriKKKant” aims to leave an indelible mark and Al Jourgensen fearlessly delivers a strong message in the midst of the current political chaos and inevitable decline.

“Twilight Zone” could be the right post-apocalyptic soundtrack with loads of creepy, unfortunately familiar, samples layered over a slower borderline dramatic rhythm filled with simple melodies, industrial synths noisy accents and harsher guitar riffs while the southern rock style harmonica doesn’t even feel out of place.

“Victims of a Clown” is definitely self-explanatory as this track aptly showcases a slightly carnivalesque mood enhanced by creepy background sounds but there is a very dominant melodic streak that maintains a rather slow groove running through raw guitar riffs and furious vocals until the emergence of a final more aggressive and faster thrash style blast.

With nightmarish energy “We’re Tired Of It” channels pure untamed industrial metal fury full of enraged screams, courtesy of Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory, and old school speed/thrash guitar driven dynamics clearly showcasing a more violent approach that calls for serious stomping screaming ‘we’re tired of it’ in loop.

On “Wargasm” the industrial aspect is generously amplified with loads of samples & synths that dominate the song’s structure and ultimately create a darkly oppressive mood while guitars surely add a moderate dosage of distorted rage.

“AmeriKKKa” gets slower again to build up a suspenseful mood where the expected overdose of wrath comes from frustrated vocals while guitars offer several entertaining melodic moments as well as rhythmic segments showcasing edgy polychromatic industrial textures and aptly apocalyptic grooves.

The lyrical concept of “AmeriKKKant” is rightfully angered and is certainly matched by the belligerent industrial roots of Ministry’s musical direction therefore this album definitely deals with serious matters yet musically it might be considered one of the most fun albums of the year.
AmeriKKKant [Explicit]

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