Monster Magnet – Mindfucker

The long awaited new Monster Magnet album aptly entitled “Mindfucker” is finally within your reach and you can rest assured that Mr. Dave Wyndorf, one of the last true rockers, has plenty of energy and wisdom to deliver an authentic collection of stoner rock anthems and so much more.

“Rocket Freak” hits you right in the face with old school memorable rock riffs that flow easily as Wyndorf’s signature scratchy vocal delivery channels the unforgettable golden age of rockers dragging the listeners into a whirlwind of subtle stoner flavors that call for a good time partying all night but there are also loads of deliciously wild lead guitars to spice up the groovy dynamics.

Besides a straightforward nostalgic rock essence “Soul” starts to channel all those hypnotizing psychedelic twists seamlessly embedded in the guitar work and the alluring inevitably trippy solos while the rhythmic patterns are again built to deliver genuine retro rock vibes and Mr. Wyndorf is ready to add extra stoner nuances with a wildly entertaining vocal performance.

The title track is screaming at you that we are getting minfucked right here and now therefore you can eventually perceive an understated somber mood nevertheless the thick stoner rock riffing can generate an absolutely lovable groove and as the rhythm keeps on acquiring frenetic vibes lead guitars continue to amplify the marvelous psychedelic soul of traditional Monster Magnet’s style.

“I’m God” temporarily slows down with bewitching simple chords evoking a profound nostalgia that will continue to influence the several rhythmic blasts of untamed energy that accompany Wyndorf’s words of wisdom drenched in seasoned rocker style ultimately leading to powerful grooves that will get you moving and additional exquisite lead guitar super trippy moments.

At the very first listening the multifaceted nuances of “Drowning” will get you dizzy and nostalgic with rather melancholic softer melodies and emotionally charged vocals swiftly followed by an irresistible overdose of monolithic stoner rock guitar riffs and intricately elegant leads as the whole song relies on a cathartic blend of bittersweet melodic moments and gritty psychedelia infused passages.

It would be impossible to resist the immense psychedelic stoner rock charisma of “When The Hammer Comes Down” which can be easily considered the most enthralling track on this album and has the potential to become a classic influential song in the future as every guitar riff literally emanates a sultry undiluted rock energy naturally building unstoppable grooves further enriched by lead guitars accents that rightfully belong to the dazed realm of stoner rock, plus Wyndorf’s vocals are on fire.

Dave Wyndorf’s outpouring charisma is clearly well supported by Monster Magnet’s strong line up and the sex drugs & rock ‘n roll grooves of “Mindfucker” would be best enjoyed loud on vinyl but also remember to pay attention to the witty lyrics and read between the lines.
Mindfucker [Explicit]

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