Necrophobic – Mark Of The Necrogram

With a renewed line up and reinvigorated passion Swedish death metallers Necrophobic return to the scene with the hellish energy of the new release “Mark Of The Necrogram” which triumphantly celebrates a dark renaissance.

The title track arises with unfiltered grotesquery as guitars follow the untamed fury of classic death metal creating moshpit friendly rhythmic dynamics enhanced by the additional fury of diabolical growls yet this is not just random apocalyptic chaos due to a subtle melodic essence that becomes particularly evident in the lead guitar work.

Emerging from a nightmarish abyss “Odium Caecum” initially offers gloomy melodic atmospheres but soon embraces a series of menacing rhythmic segments where infectiously furious drums and guitar riffing inevitably take the lead while the guitar solo crafts a darkened melodic cascade.

On “Tsar Bomba” melancholic melodies are strictly entwined with the crushing attitude of death metal and, as expected, the band focuses on a steady thunderous ensemble of fierce guitar riffs and drums to keep the listeners entertained while the melodic arpeggios of the contemplative breakdown will lead to a quite compelling solo.

The unholy guitar driven grooves of “Lamashtu” will not disappoint the death metal acolytes and the band fiercely adds extra devilish tones with a massive ensemble of maleficent guitar riffs & bass lines dramatically enriched by the sincere melodic twists of lead guitars.

“Requiem For A Dying Sun” continues to effortlessly blend darkened melodic nuances and more extreme rhythmic patterns even without exaggerated speed or brutality as guitars constantly shift from thick riffs to colder soulful harmonies surrounded by dismal atmospheric tonalities.

“From The Great Above To The Great Below” easily offers plenty of death metal oriented energetic grooves and additional ominous blackened dynamics while the lead guitar work focuses on traditional melodic metal progressions to deliver higher variety.

With “Mark of the Necrogram” Necrophobic are marching proudly into Armageddon staying true to their wicked death metal signature style yet never cease to provide extra sonic depth with darkened melodic moments.

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