Malady – Toinen Toista

Finnish progressive rock quintet Malady invites you to experience the unique ‘70s influenced music journey of the new album “Toinen Toista” which showcases extraordinary musicianship and is conceptually based on the basic questions of being human and the transient nature of things.

The title track has an enigmatic beginning with minimalist chords and surreal atmospheric accents while the vintage vibes embedded in the guitar work will soon acquire highly energetic dynamics and exciting rhythmic variations accompanied by sweet retro organ layers to achieve those ‘70s rock flavors that characterize the whole album.

“Laulu Sisaruksille” is a short magical music piece as atmospheric layers channel a profound melancholy further enhanced by the otherworldly beauty of strings melodies that introduce the vintage sonic realm of “Tiedon Kehtolaulu”.

The epic opus “Nurja Puoli” closes the album with hypnotizing nuances and great music diversity as the band is clearly exploring prog rock territories with a desire to create something original. The result of this adventurous spirit leads to soothing instrumental passages dominated by lovely & talented guitar work that offers meditative breakdowns as well as powerful melodic textures and several enthralling intricate solos.

“Toinen Toista” is an excellent progressive rock effort on which Malady skillfully crafts relaxing soundscapes and complex melodic textures that deserve the listeners’ full attention.

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