Underøath – Erase Me

There is so much hype and expectation around the comeback of Underøath, a band that decided to do a farewell tour in 2013 and didn’t release a record for nearly a decade could be missed or forgotten, but the new album “Erase Me” sees the band undergoing a sonic renaissance with a conscious desire to have creative freedom and deliver a mature songwriting approach.

The album opener “It Has To Start Somewhere” seems to symbolize the band’s rebirth with particularly strong vocals raging through a fair dosage of energetic rhythmic dynamics filled with modern metalcore vibes but also with electro atmospheric layers which successfully embellish the primary combo of thick guitar riffs and catchy melodic textures.

“On My Teeth” starts with intriguing electro arrangements that trigger a wild rhythmic crescendo built by powerful guitar riffage & drumming which will ultimately favor a heavier sonic approach featuring also fierce screams yet the big chorus will always embrace a catchy melodic essence.

In contrast “Wake Me” favors emotionally charged tonalities with loads of subtle atmospheres and a mellower rhythm crafted by a pleasantly accessible melodic ensemble of piano & soft guitar harmonies and certainly vocals become smoother and melancholic putting aside the previously showcased rage.

The initial contemplative mood of ihateit will give way to a super catchy melodic approach, especially irresistible in the sing along chorus, and even if there are heavier metalcore style moments the goal here is to deliver a honest emotional statement through easy guitar melodies and magical atmospheric layers.

On “No Frame” synths become extremely important in the creation of futuristic ambiance vibes and ethereal atmospheres which constantly enhance the expression of profoundly somber emotions yet guitars will occasionally join the electronic core to add extra groovy momentum.

With a melancholy infused piano intro “I Gave Up” is ready to move the audience with the heartfelt emotions embedded in the vocals and melodies but distorted guitars & fancy synths will often crank up the rhythm to offer slick heavier vibes.

Ultimately “Erase Me” might not sound like the album that fans wanted or expected but Underøath is definitely making a bold music statement maintaining a very accessible melodic essence and showcasing a renewed commitment leaving behind any personal hardship.

Erase Me [Explicit]

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