Sol Invictus – Necropolis

The good news is that progenitors of the Neofolk genre Sol Invictus are back with the spellbinding new album “Necropolis”, conceptually based on mastermind Tony Wakeford’s feelings of a declining London, but sadly this could possibly be the final release.

With minimalist chords, baroque accents and somber atmospheres “Necropolis Portal” opens the album focusing on fascinating and surreal vocal choirs that successfully evoke an apocalyptic requiem.

“See Them” will stand out for the theatrical vocal duet evoking melancholic feelings in the midst of minimal arpeggios, a soothing mix of atmospheric layers, stylish classical oriented instrumentation and of course folk style flutes.

The bittersweet track “Still Born Summer” begins with apocalyptic vibes and poignant vocalized narratives but soon maximizes the dark emotional quality of the entire album with visionary vocal delivery and a whimsical instrumental ensemble featuring intricate melodies.

“The Last Man” shines for the undiluted darkness and meaningful verses rendered exquisitely elegant by the soft arpeggios and rich Instrumental passages that lead to a surprising classical closure and ensure kaleidoscopic soundscapes accompanied by dramatic vocals and ethereal choirs.

“Set The Table” certainly showcases the melancholy infused essence of Neofolk as refined atmospheric arrangements, lovely piano melodies and smooth rhythmic crescendo gently evoke a darkened yet absolutely relaxing mood.

“Necropolis Egress” amplifies the post-apocalyptic vision that recurs throughout the album nevertheless refined arpeggios and ethereal choirs hold a dominant role crafting dismal melodic fluidity and poetic atmospheres.

Far from being an average album “Necropolis” stands out for the contemplative moments and the fascinating atmospheres that always surround the minimalist harmonies shaped in perfect Neofolk style as Sol Invictus delivers a cinematic ensemble of music & words.


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