Dimmu Borgir – Eonian

It’s been so long since successful extreme metal masters Dimmu Borgir released an album therefore fans are very curious to hear what the band has been concocting on the new effort “Eonian” which definitely amplifies the symphonic elements without sacrificing the arcane black metal roots.

The grandiose atmospheres of “The Unveiling” simply cannot go unnoticed as the elegantly sinister orchestrations surround the splendor of the operatic voices of the Schola Cantorum Choir. Such majestic introductory tonalities will be continuously amplified by the additional keyboards acrobatics and the massive dosage of enthralling symphonic arrangements but there are also intensely blackened moments diligently crafted by obscure guitar riffs and monolithic drum work.

The blackened groovy essence of “Ætheric” is immediately evident as guitars deliver loads of strong darkened riffs that will embrace the opulent symphonic orchestrations which create elaborate sumptuous melodic tapestries naturally leading to multiple esoteric & epic soundscapes.

“Council Of Wolves And Snakes” is immediately drenched in darkness with howls and atmospheric layers. While the primary rhythmic dynamics are not always particularly concerned about breakneck speed or traditional black metal elements the occasional blackened momentum featuring Shagrath’s signature diabolical vocals emerges through the decadent beauty of the orchestrations, the gothic tinged melodic guitars and the absolutely spellbinding choirs which definitely enhance the solemn & mystical tones of this track.

“Lightbringer” draws major inspiration from the band’s old school black metal roots as venomous guitar riffs and thunderous drums march fiercely in the midst of luciferian atmospheres and abyssal darkness with precise faster grooves while orchestrations & choir focus on symphonic opulence.

On “Archaic Correspondence” there are some blistering blackened guitar riffs and menacing drum blasts leading the way with growing fervor and wicked tonalities further enhanced by hellish theatrical vocals while symphonic accents and refined keyboards harmonies evoke darkly compelling melodies.

Sulphurous atmospheres surrounds the guitar driven blackened mood of “Alpha Aeon Omega” as once again a symphonic ensemble of magnificent orchestrations, gloomy melodic keyboards and opulent choirs embellish the inner hellish & heavier rhythmic dynamics.

In the end, “Eonian” might not delight the entire fanbase but, celebrating a twenty five years career, Dimmu Borgir confidently creates a darkly majestic album that naturally follows the band’s artistic evolution.


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