Mos Generator – Shadowlands

Washington based heavy rock trio Mos Generator returns with a powerful sonic trip filled with  authentic ‘70s rock nuances on the latest effort “Shadowlands”.

The title track immediately channels the golden days of classic rock as the band jams wildly offering super tight guitar driven grooves and featuring some stoner metal oriented riffing galore but certainly doesn’t sacrifice a more somber melodic essence well expressed also by the passionate vocal delivery and the compelling melodic leads.

The acidic distortion of “The Destroyer” leads to a massive series of groovy guitar riffs and addictive leads within a quite frenetic rhythmic section while vocals acquire a dismal raucous delivery that perfectly matches the darker mood.

“Drowning In Your Loving Cup” still focuses on the creation of steady & catchy retro rock grooves as guitar riffs feel absolutely dominant and will lead to a bittersweet melodic chorus but the lead guitar work still pushes the fuzz pedal in proper stoner rock fashion.

“Gamma / Hydra” maintains a crunchy rhythm with undeniably powerful riffing but a profound sense of melancholy will ultimately take over influencing the rich lead guitar work which focuses on melodic phrases and interesting spacey progressions.

With dreamy tonalities and the expected generous dosage of trippy guitar work “The Wild & Gentle Dogs” will take on a wild ride where nostalgia and melancholy linger through the multifaceted instrumental passages as guitars confidently craft an overdose of heavy riffs but don’t refrain from delivering loads of kaleidoscopic melodies and warm vintage flavors shifting effortlessly from minimalist arpeggios to groovy flamboyant solos.

Overall, on the seventh full length “Shadowlands” Mos Generator successfully entertain lovers of vintage rock flavors staying true to a beloved classic formula full of catchy dynamics and loads of uptempo hooks.


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