Spiral Skies – Blues For A Dying Planet

A new name is about to get your full attention because Swedish occult rockers Spiral Skies are finally ready to spread their darkened magic with the debut full length “Blues For A Dying Planet”.

So many nostalgic rock flavors linger through “Awakening” as guitars are on fire creating a multitude of catchy riffs & melodies that ensure powerful grooves with subtle darkened nuances constantly emphasized by Frida’s charismatic vocals and impressive range.  

“Wizard’s Ball” is the song that will conquer your heart at the first listening because the occult rock vibes become rather dominant as guitars confidently craft absolutely spellbinding melodic textures that fully evoke the darker side of classic rock while Frida’s voice sinuously guides the listeners through deliciously trippy instrumental passages.

“Danse Macabre” is truly an enchanting song where Frida’s voice will once again put a spell on you while guitars shift from darkened slow burning melodies to spacey psychedelic rock tonalities that will ultimately build catchy & hypnotizing grooves.

“Left Is Right And Right Is Left Behind” feels almost sinister with loads of perfectly somber melodic nuances that allow Frida’s magical voice to shine but guitars are always ready to keep a vintage rock groove alive with thick riffs and intriguing leads.

Overall, “Blues For A Dying Planet” successfully evokes the darkest beloved nuances of 70’s inspired rock as Spiral Skies clearly demonstrate genuine talent and passion for such music genre.

Blues for a Dying Planet

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