Marduk – Viktoria

The blackened legacy of Swedish icons Marduk is renowned worldwide and its blasphemous essence continues to be crucial in the current metal scene therefore it’s not surprising that the newest release “Viktoria” maintains intact the band’s signature style.

“Werwolf” aims for a direct brutal impact as guitars fully embrace the feverish fast dynamics of what is unanimously considered traditional black metal and the delivery is precise and deliberately bold resulting in a perilous mixture of absolutely harsh tonalities, sirens announcing an imminent attack and venomous growls.

On “Tiger I” the rhythm section drastically slows down yet never sacrifices the primordial blackened core that emerges with bold energetic blasts while guitar riffs acquire an ominous melodic temper foreshadowing imminent catastrophe and maintain a steady sense of hopelessness.

“The Last Fallen” belongs to the hellish depths of black metal as extra dark guitars march triumphantly eventually gaining monstrous rhythmic dynamics accompanied by utterly ruthless growls.

There is no escape and no time to breath on the title track as the entire instrumentation deliberately embrace a savage blackened rhythm and the occasional borderline melodic guitars evoke sheer desolation.

Channeling arcane vibes “Silent Night” becomes even darker with enticing malevolent guitar melodies that could not feel heavier despite the quasi contemplative atmosphere and the dramatically slower rhythmic approach.

On “Viktoria” Marduk are not interested in special effects or astonishing innovations as the traditional black metal is the chosen pathway that continues to dictate the sinister tonalities and a no frills ferocious delivery.

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