Nightmarer – Cacophony Of Terror

Emerging from the darkest depths of metal Nightmarer proudly releases the debut full length “Cacophony Of Terror” confidently exploring extreme metal territories to achieve a unique music identity.

As darkness descends “Stahlwald” evokes oppressive soundscapes through technical guitar work shifting from ominous relentless riffing to slower doom phrases while eclectic tempo variations generate borderline chaotic moments.

“Skinner” continues to revolve around a series of variegated instrumental passages where guitars skillfully craft highly somber progressions leading to punishing grooves perfectly supported by the sinister power of the precise rhythmic section.

On “Fetisch” a neverending darkness leads to asphyxiating faster progressions that will often sound rather ferocious as the band blends dissonant elements and doom tinged melodies within well balanced rhythmic segments.

“Tidal Waves Of Terror” immediately offers dissonant guitar work bearing a melodic doom core that will recur throughout the song amplifying a darkly contemplative mood but will eventually morph into a series of menacing super heavy rhythmic dynamics.

Introduced by nightmarish atmospheres “Death” is constantly surrounded by feelings of absolute despair as guitars will follow unusual tempo changes and favor dramatically slower melodic progression to fully evoke a sense of inescapable terror further enhanced by ravenous growls.

With a distinct sonic manifesto in mind Nightmarer is ready to conquer a solid status in the underground metal scene and “Cacophony Of Terror” is a pitchblack work of music dedicated to lovers of the blackened dissonant tonalities of modern extreme metal.
Cacophony of Terror

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