Thy Catafalque – Geometria

Led by multi-talented composer Tamás Kátai Thy Catafalque is already renowned in the underground metal scene as a profoundly eclectic studio project and the new album “Geometria” definitely continues an interesting exploration of multifaceted music territories.

The enigmatic nuances of “Hajnali csillag” lead to rich atmospheric arrangements and refined soothing violin melodies that certainly hold a deeply melancholic mood smoothly enhanced by enchanting guitar harmonies resulting in a highly cinematic work of music.

“Szamojéd freskó” marks a drastic change of scenario as guitars become rather dominant delivering a generous dosage of crunchy heavily distorted riffs that will later evolve into complex prog oriented dynamics.

Another significant change occurs on “Töltés” which seamlessly embraces modern electronic nuances with fragile melodies and ethereal ambiance accents that gently surround Martina Veronika Horváth’ melancholic vocals.

“Lágyrész” offers a darker sonic vision where guitars often deliberately borrow the ominous force of extreme metal with evident blackened accents while the melodic aspects of this song focus on particularly gloomy & surreal tonalities.

The avant-garde spirit of “Tenger, tenger” is immediately palpable as a violin solo evokes chaotic yet exquisitely elegant nuances that will be followed by uplifting guitar melodies and consequent mellow rhythmic crescendo with dreamy folk vibes.

On the intense final song “Ének a búzamezokrol” an obscure creative force returns fiercely with ominous guitar riffing leading the way to a cold sonic realm where dramatic guitar melodies are suddenly juxtaposed to charming folk chants and peaceful arpeggios.

On “Geometria” there is a lot going on as Thy Catafalque are constantly & effortlessly searching for a unique identity, pushing boundaries to blend diverse music styles in order to create contrasting sonic textures that will inevitably surprise the listeners.
Geometria (Ltd. Ed. digipak CD)

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