Omnium Gatherum – The Burning Cold

Formed in 1996 Finnish melo-death metallers Omnium Gatherum have always been devoted to the Scandinavian blend of melancholy & brutality that will never fail to be relevant and appreciated worldwide, therefore it will be easy to fall in love with the strong emotions behind the new effort “The Burning Cold”.

“Gods Go First” doesn’t waste time and hits you right in the face with rhythmic blasts of traditional death metal yet the band is also ready to delight the fans with intense shredding moments and a series of smooth & dismal guitar melodies which will rightfully take the spotlight throughout the tight rhythmic segments.

On “Refining Fire” there is a demand for speed and bold grooves as the recurring darkened mood is always matched by ferocious growls and galloping guitar riffs but as expected a melodic soulful ensemble will bring hints of positive yet profoundly contemplative vibes.

“Rest In Your Heart” might sound like a ballad since tempo is significantly slowed down and the beloved cold melancholy is extremely emphasized with the addition of atmospheric textures and dominant somber melodies but there is still a fair dosage of crunchy guitar riffs throughout the song’s structure.

The gloominess of “Be The Sky” is immediately evident with soothing melodic splendor and will influence deeply all the nostalgic tonalities and gentle poetic guitar harmonies in the midst of enraged growls and precise rhythmic patterns.  

“Driven By Conflict” can sound rather vicious focusing on sharp guitar riffs and a simply crushing rhythmic section that thrive on accelerated tempo and heavy grooves without compromising the melodic spirit embodied by the lead guitar work.

The closing track “Cold” is full of triumphant melancholy that reminds us why we love melodic death metal so much. Starting with the immense gloom of atmospheric layers and sweet arpeggios the song unfolds seamlessly to reveal that irresistible darkness that inevitably dominates the vibrant melodious guitar progressions and the moody rhythmic dynamics.

Certainly on “The Burning Cold” Omnium Gatherum shows the ability to compose alluring melodies but besides the consequent inner sadness this album repeatedly builds a climatic aggressive momentum fully embracing the classic Nordic melo-death trademark.  
The Burning Cold

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