Shylmagoghnar – Transience

Dutch atmospheric black metal duo Shylmagoghnar has generated a lot of interest with the debut album “Emergence” back in 2014 and now they proudly return with the extensive intricacy of the sophomore effort “Transience”.

The title track begins with fascinating atmospheric arrangements creating the right suspense for the incoming blackened force of the tormented growls and the chaotic rhythmic section that will often acquire roaring tones and audacious speed yet there will be loads of enchanting melodic guitars ready to weave melancholy infused harmonies further embellished by a pensive piano piece.

Emerging from a forgotten darkened realm the fury of “As All Must Come To Pass” is introduced by grave bass phrases and subtle atmospheres. Soon multiple rounds of tight guitar riffs and mighty drums will channel primordial blackened dynamics accompanied by particularly ominous growls yet a symphonic splendor will contribute to a recurring crucial theatrical melodic ensemble .

Still drenched in agonizing darkness “No Child Of Man Could Follow” features strong contemplative atmospheres and instead of going immediately full blown black metal favors a steady triumphant rhythmic march and an increasingly cold melodic spirit constantly channeled by the melo-death inspired guitar work.  

With meditative vibes and moody harmonies “Journey Through The Fog” can feel rather hazy & gloomy before picking up fierce groovy dynamics yet the melodic core seems to be more dominant as the winning combo of guitars & keyboards confidently create diverse textures blending solemn tonalities and ethereal atmospheres.

The lengthy instrumental final track “Life” is a mini stand alone opus that smoothly assembles all the key elements of the band’s sonic vision. For over thirteen minutes the band manages to grab the listeners’ attention shaping magical melodies through the ardent guitar work that while showcasing a taste for modern atmospheric black metal effortlessly goes beyond the genre’s standard structure to explore refreshing feelings and tonalities. Certainly the skillful guitar work ranging from harsh riffage to lavish harmonies will often stand out while multiple dreamy moments and the final atmospheric vibes will add further emotional quality.

From beginning to end “Transience” focuses on a balanced mix of aggressive blackened force and eerie melodic soundscapes and Shylmagoghnar are clearly eager to conquer the underground metal scene demonstrating an intriguing creativity.

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