Morne – To The Night Unknown

The heavy atmospheric soul of Morne comes to life once again on the latest full length “To The Night Unknown” which will drag the listeners through a perennial dark sonic maze.

The title track is made of undiluted darkness leading to an almost uncomfortable feeling that something is wrong or just scary in the midst of hazy atmospheres and when guitars kick in with the renowned strength of sludge doom a thicker obscurity takes over the whole instrumentation until lighter dramatic acoustic arpeggios bring closure.

The initial creepy atmosphere of “Not Our Flame” introduces a heavier guitar core that feels especially menacing as the riffs keep on galloping while monochromatic melodies emerge through the dense darkness evoking emotional despair leading to an elegantly melancholic guitar solo.

On “Scorn” the band’s primordial doom roots become prominent deeply influencing the thick rhythmic section that flows naturally & fiercely accompanied by melodic guitar variations and the aptly anguished vocals.

It’s not surprising that “Night Awaits The Dawn” has nocturnal/nightmarish vibes making the listeners feel trapped within an endless night where guitars acquire an almost ominous mood with tight riffing while the leads once again focus more on darkened melodies that will later become extremely dominant with the enjoyable haunting variations of the guitar solo.

“Surrendering Fear” is full of suffering and pain as it could not sound darker with utterly hopeless screams and a majestic guitar work shifting from inescapable heavy tonalities to immensely melancholic melodies and poetic vibes that at times seem to be able to make a dim light appear in the distance.

“To The Night Unknown” might thrive exclusively in the underground metal scene with its obscure structure and lengthy songs that from beginning to end perfectly represent Morne’s chosen music pathway.  

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