Kingcrow – The Persistence

With the brand new album “The Persistence” Italian prog outfit Kingcrow is ready to explore multifaceted music territories and craft a memorable collection of songs that aims to conquer the listeners’ hearts.

Starting with subtle atmospheric nuances “Drenched” soon showcases an edgy prog spirit with the right dosage of eclectic tempo variations, technical guitar riffs and rhythmic backbone yet never loses its inner emotional force.

“Everything Goes” begins with modern dreamy ambient layers that deeply influence the poignant vocal delivery and it takes a while before heavier guitars gain a more prominent role to add some fancy prog style elements.

The title track stands out for the profoundly melancholic guitar melodies further enhanced by the fascinating ambient arrangements that smoothly create hazy atmospheres that will continue to surround the precise rhythmic sections and the fiery guitar riffs.

“Every Broken Piece Of Me” is clearly filled with pure emotions as darkened atmospheric arrangements and sentimental vocals create a dreamlike sonic experience that will be enriched by powerful prog oriented instrumental segments.

You will become addicted to “Night’s Descending”, easily the most passionate & unforgettable song on the album, where sophisticated guitar and keyboards entwine to create waves of melodic grandeur and sheer melancholia that will reach the acme when guest vocalist Daniel Gildenlow from Pain Of Salvation delivers a spellbinding performance.

Despite the graceful combo of minimalist piano melodies and passionate vocals “Perfectly Imperfect” should not be considered a standard ballad as it offers magical atmospheric passages mixed with bursts of rhythmic energy and lavish guitar melodies.

In terms of both songwriting and musicianship Kingcrow have evolved tremendously and what you will hear on “The Persistence” is an elegantly balanced mix of the band’s prog metal roots, haunting atmospheres and inspired introspective moments.


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