Circles – The Last One

In Australia’s burgeoning progressive metal scene Circles has the potential to stand out and conquer new fans with the sophomore release “The Last One”.

“Winter” unleashes an overdose of technical metal elements embedded in the fiery guitar work that certainly showcases the unpredictable nature of prog metal with sudden tempo & style changes and an engaging blend of harsh rhythmic segments, featuring prominent heavy bass lines, melodic guitar phrases and emotionally charged vocals.

“Breaker” follows a similar intricate music pathway but this time the heavy guitar riffage is accompanied by futuristic electro accents and soothing melodic accents can be found in the softly contemplative breakdown while the rhythmic complexity might not have an immediate impact but rather requires multiple listenings to be truly embraced.

On “Arrival” rich atmospheric synths, warm guitar melodies and vibrant vocals become quite crucial as the band doesn’t completely abandon heavier dynamics but definitely explores more widely accessible music territories.

“Resolution” immediately focuses on introspective vocal delivery and a graceful mix of dreamy guitar melodies and subtle synths layers which will lead to an inspired atmospheric crescendo and charismatic lead guitar work.

On “Dream Sequence” guitars take the spotlight offering variegated progressions that hold remarkable prog metal aesthetics as well as modern djent dynamics leading to several impactful tempo changes amplified by the technical approach.

“Alone With Ghosts” aptly feels haunting with a generous dose of ambient atmospheres surrounding a series of gentle guitar melodies and emotive layered vocals yet the band packs some powerful guitar driven grooves without disrupting such dramatic mood.

On “The Last One” Circles skillfully offer a well balanced work of music where the modern technical style genuinely embraces an emotional turmoil and the audience will be curious to hear what the band will craft next time.

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